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​ Mold Remediation  

Atomic Fumigation

The most common problem with any disaster is moisture, humidity or water in any form. Water encourages mold and mildew to grow on every surface. This is particularly harmful to artwork because it can stain and cleaning artwork is a more complicated and sensitive process than cleaning your walls or furniture. When mold is brushed or wiped, it has a self preservation method of throwing its spores, much like a dandelion disperses its seeds. We have developed the revolutionary Art Rescue     Atomic Fumigation System for the treatment of fine art that has been subjected to fire, flood and smoke damage. This is referred to as mold remediation. Additionally, this process eliminates all carbon base odors including the most stubborn of all, smoke.



Soot, water stains, mold spores, varnish that has clouded from water damage; all these elements need to be removed. Each piece will undergo a different  treatment depending on the damage and substrate. Paintings are cleaned by mixing various solvents and using the q-tip method to remove unwanted material from the surface. Works on paper may be washed, dry cleaned or cryogenic dusting. These processes can also be applied to other types of artwork as well. For photos and more information about restorative cleaning please visit our restoration studio, Cape Cod Picture Framing & Restoration


Custom Framing and Delivery

If your artwork was framed it will be reframed in the original or a comparable high quality custom frame. We do all the framing in house so your artwork will never leave our care. Our custom frame shop has over 2,000 corner samples and has been in business sine 1953. Framed or unframed, your work will be professionally packed for storage or ready to display and delivered to your location. All packaging and delivery is done by us.

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Peter Lindholm

Manager of Art Rescue

11 years experience with Cape Cod Picture Framing

Associates in Arts

Specializing in handling, transport and fumigation of fine art

On call for fine art

triage 24/7

Tracy Nee

Fine Arts Painting Restorer and Conservator

16 years experience in framing and painting restoration

Studied at Lorenzo de Medici school of restoration

Restoration and Restoration Theory

Artist tracylindholmfineart.com

Ron Lindholm


39 years experience

Member AIC (American Institute for Conservation

of Art)

APAC Academy for Preservation and Art Conservation

Apprenticed with Dr. Simon Coren (student of Gustav Berger)

USPAP Compliant Appraiser

Professionally trained conservators you can trust.


Art Rescue is a system and a service, designed by a team of professional art conservators, to treat artwork that has been damaged in fire, flood, mold infestation and other home and storage disasters. Call Art Rescue and our team will respond within 24 hours to remove your artwork to one of our labs where it will be immediately triaged, treated for mold spores and kept in a climate controlled environment while being evaluated for further treatment. An estimate will be swiftly prepared for you or your insurance company and we will be available to keep you informed on the progress of treatment and pending claims.

Our conservation team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing safe, reliable disaster rescue services for our clients and their artwork.


Often, more than one area of expertise is required in handling different types of artwork. That's why we have professionally trained conservators in paper, painting, sculpture, picture frame, and photo restoration, as well as picture framing, cryogenic dusting, odor elimination, and mold remediation.

We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly and treated with dignity and respect. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise.


Inventors of the Atomic Fumigation System

New England Hotline    508-737-1439

leading the industry in emergency disaster treatment for all

works of art.

Rebecca Rainwater

Frame Restorer and 22k Gold Leafing

BFA Hartford Art School CT



Frame Restoration Specialist

Custom 22k gilding and repair


Lance Walker

Design Specialist at Cape Cod Picture Framing

11 years experience in custom framing

Previously managed Kennedy Studio in W. Dennis

Owner of Lance Walker Fine Art


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Soot cleaning

These photos depict a painting during and after soot removal. In addition to having a pungent odor, soot can be acidic and should be removed immediately.Artwork should be fumigated to destroy the odor.

Terry Lindholm

36 years experience in Business Management

Paper Conservation

Painting Restoration